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Online poker has become a hot topic, with some of the biggest names in the sport taking to social media to urge fans to “go and get a bit of a game” and get on the board. 

In an effort to help people get started, PokerStars has posted a video, and is hoping to help fans get on board with online poker. 

The video is the first of its kind, as the company’s poker apps are not yet officially available on Android, Apple TV or Windows. 

This means that for now, the company is only allowing users to log in with their Facebook accounts to play. 

To get started with the app, users can use their Facebook login, and then click on the ‘My Account’ button, which is at the top of the screen. 

Users can then log in using their Twitter account, or simply sign up with a Google+ account. 

Once signed in, users will see a ‘My Poker’ page, which will list their current bankroll and balance, as well as their available poker games. 

From there, they can view their current position in the market and check out their current standings. 

If you’re looking to get started in online poker this is the best place to start, as you’ll be able to find some of your favourite players, and possibly get some great rewards. 

Players can earn rewards based on the number of matches they win. 

When a player wins an entire table, they earn points, while losing a table earns nothing. 

It’s important to note that the points are not shared with the player, and the amount of points you earn depend on your win rate. 

You can also view your overall position on the table and compare your performance against your peers, as it is possible to get the top players at a table to play you. 

As you can see, this isn’t exactly a simple process, but if you’re a poker pro, this is a great way to get your feet wet.

For now, Pokerstars is only offering the app for Android users, but the company has a similar app for Apple TV and Windows, as part of the ‘PokerStars app for iPhone’ package. 

For those wanting to try out the app without a smartphone, it’s available now on Google Play for $3.99.